Content King.

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Is Content King still the case, when you are looking into SEO on your website. The way SEO works, the search engine crawls through your website to find keywords and puts them in their index. When an online visitor searches those keywords they will be directed to your website. If you don’t have Content or […]


Microsoft vs Apple

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Many people in the computer and technology world know about the friendly feud going on Microsoft Vs. Apple. I wanted to give you a little background on my thoughts of the computer world and the Operating Systems. Personally, I use a Macbook Pro and an iPhone. Growing up with Windows I grew up in a […]


Working with the WordPress CMS

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Everyone has their own opinion of WordPress CMS, whether it’s a good Content Management System (CMS) to build a website with, or not.  When WordPress CMS came out it was built as a blogging platform.  You can still use it for blogging, but you can also use WordPress CMS for building and maintaining a website. […]


Playing with Linux

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I have played with Linux many years ago, I used it on a daily basis using Ubuntu on a desktop PC. Ubuntu is quite easy to work with and it’s user-friendly. Anyone can install Ubuntu and be able to make changes and modifications without any problems. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes it easy to […]