Content King.

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Is Content King still the case, when you are looking into SEO on your website. The way SEO works, the search engine crawls through your website to find keywords and puts them in their index. When an online visitor searches those keywords they will be directed to your website. If you don’t have Content or keywords on your website there won’t be anything for the search engine to crawl.

Content king

Why write quality content?

You want to write good quality content that will engage your visitor so they stay on your website longer.  Good quality content will also keep the visitor coming back to your website. If you can get visitors to stay on your website, or come back it tells the Search Engine that you have something of value. Believe it or not, Search engines will track your visitors.  They will track the time a visitor will spend on your site or if they keep coming back to your site.

What about Images

Are images considered content?  Yes they are, but the search engine can’t see the image, they can only see the code of your website.  When adding an image to your website you will need to give the image an alt tag. The Alt tag will specify the alternative text to use for your image. This will tell the search engine what your image is about.  It will also tell a blind visitor that is using a screen reader what the image is about.

Content King, is a very integral part of SEO that is what keeps your visitors coming to your website.  It also gives the search engine something to crawl and if you are continually adding content to your website the search engines will come back more often.

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Content King.
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