SEO Takes Time and Patience

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When you are looking at your website and wondering why it’s not on the top of Google rankings. Wondering why your Search Engine Optimization(SEO) isn’t working. You got to take a few things into consideration.

First off, time, SEO takes time. You have implemented a few techniques, that’s great, however, you’re not going to start ranking right off the bat. You have to wait and be patient for you to start ranking.

SEO Takes Time

Personal Experience

As I was working at a major SEO company for small businesses. I had one client I was working with. The client was ecstatic that his site was on the first page of Google. He told me that he was considering cancelling our services.

I told him not to give up on his SEO. I told him, you have to keep working on your the ranking. It’s not a one and done process, it’s a continual process. You have to keep adding SEO to your website. Even if you are number 1 on page one, you can’t stop. If you do, then someone else who is still applying Search Engine Optimizatoin techniques to their website will move right into your place.

However, he decided to move forward with canceling our services. The customer, thought he could do the SEO work by himself. I kept an eye on his website. I watched as his website fell in ranking, all the work that we had put in was all for nothing.

No Substitute for Continuing

He later came back to the company for SEO services. We did everything we could for him, however we were never able to get him back to the place he was at. If he had kept up with it, the website could have been at the top of search rankings.

When you get to the point that your happy with where you website shows up in the search rankings. If you’re considering cancelling everything to save a few bucks. I urge you not to do it. You never know what could happen to your website. The Search Engine Rankings is a very competitive business. Don’t take SEO for granted.

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SEO Takes Time and Patience
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