How to get Site Ranking

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How to get Site Ranking.  What does it even mean?  When you have a website you want to get Site Ranking in Google and the other major search engines.  Just getting into the search engine takes some work. However, once you are in the search engines it’s going to take more work to rank.  The end goal of every website owner is to rank number 1 on Google, but that takes time, work and effort.

Site Ranking

Update your Website

The first thing you need to do is consistently keep updating your website.  That is why I use WordPress for my websites.  You can easily create a blog and share your knowledge with others.  This allows you to keep updating and adding to your website.  By continually updating and adding to your site it shows the search engines that your website is current, up to date and has accurate information for that time.

Use Relevant Keywords

Use relevant Keywords.  You want to use Keywords that are relevant to your website.  This will get you better Site Ranking.  If you use keywords that are not relevant to your website then the visitors will leave the site immediately.   Believe it or not, but the search engines track how long people stay on your site.  If they come to your site and leave that tells the search engine the information isn’t relevant.

Encourage Interaction

Another key to getting your Site Ranking is for interaction.  If you can get your visitors to interact with your site that will tell the search the information on your site is relevant and helpful.  How do you do that you ask?  Add a blog to your site.  As I said earlier this will help you keep your site up to date.  It also gives visitors the chance to interact with your site.  Ask them questions, encourage them to leave a comment and respond.  This will be gold for getting your Site Ranking.

If you have ever had any questions about Site Ranking and how to get into the search engines please feel free to leave a comment.  You can also Contact Me and I would be happy to answer any questions.

How to get Site Ranking
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