Working with the WordPress CMS

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Everyone has their own opinion of WordPress CMS, whether it’s a good Content Management System (CMS) to build a website with, or not.  When WordPress CMS came out it was built as a blogging platform.  You can still use it for blogging, but you can also use WordPress CMS for building and maintaining a website.

Wordpress CMS


Some people think that it’s not a good CMS to build a site.  I’m not sure why people don’t have a high opinion of WordPress, but I think it’s a great CMS.   Most of my websites I build are using WordPress because It’s easy to keep it updated and maintained. This allows people that don’t know anything about websites to keep updated with the theme, plugins as well as content. They can easily update it with the visual editor, or they can use the text editor.

WordPress CMS Benefits

WordPress CMS has so many benefits.  One of the best benefits is the price tag.  You can download the CMS free from WordPress.  Most of the available plugins and themes are free as well.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress CMS has so many available themes and plugins that are simple to install and activate.   With the large amount of plugins and themes available for WordPress. You can make your website look, and function any way you need it to.

Common Plugins

Some of the more common plugins that you can install are forms, galleries, Event calendars and E-commerce solutions. If there is a function that you need your website to perform.  There is more than likely a plugin to perform that function you just have to find it. Once you have the desired plugin installed and activated.  Go to the settings and manipulate them to work the way you need them to.

Overall WordPress CMS makes it easy to build and manage a website.  I have tried some of the other CMS’s out there.  In my opinion, WordPress CMS is the easiest CMS that you will find on the market.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or Contact Me.

Working with the WordPress CMS
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