Benefits of WordPress

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When you are looking at getting a website and not sure what to do. There are multiple routes to go with designing and building a website. There are pay as you go editors. You can use a Content Management System (CMS) and try to figure that out on your own. The last option is you might even hire a developer. That developer will write a website using code from scratch. However, he may use a Content Management System and modify the design and feel of the site. To do that he’ll use code to make the site function the way you need it to.

Benefits of WordPress

What I Use

When I build a website I use a CMS to build most of my websites. The CMS of choice that I use is WordPress, and there are a number of Benefits of WordPress, which is why I use it. The main reason is the platform is completely free and can be used by anyone. There is a huge database of themes and plugins that you can use to make the website look and function the way you want. As well as a huge community of WordPress Developers that are continually developing and updating the WordPress Platform.

Why Should I Pay You?

You may ask yourself why you’re paying for me to build you a website using a free CMS. Well, You have a point, however, I have the benefit of the experience I have in building the website. Using the free CMS, Themes, and Plugins allows me to pass the savings on to you. Not only do you save money. It also helps me get the website done faster so you’re not constantly waiting for your website to go live.

One of the other Benefits of WordPress is, It’s great for SEO. You can set up a Blog to write articles. This will keep your visitors coming back to your site. There are plugins to help you monitor the analytics of your site to see what is working and what isn’t.

If you want to know more about the Benefits of WordPress come back and I’ll have more information on my next post.

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Benefits of WordPress
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