Building Organic SEO

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When you are trying to get traffic to your website you have two options. You can do a Pay-per-Click or PPC campaign with Google Adwords. Or you can employ SEO and get traffic to your website through Organic SEO.

Organic SEO

What is Organic SEO

What is PPC you ask? PPC is a strategy that is employed to get traffic to your website. You pay to have someone else’s website display your ads on their sites. You are charged only when someone clicks on your ad. It drives traffic to your website, however, it is paid traffic that you are paying for. It’s not considered Organic traffic. Once your PPC budget is gone the ads will stop sending traffic to your site.

When you employ SEO tactics to get your website to rank in Google, it’s considered to be organic. Organic SEO is different than PPC.  The traffic that is gained through a PPC campaign isn’t counted in the Google Organic SEO traffic results.  As such Organic SEO traffic is more favorable in Google than PPC marketing Traffic.

What is better

Whether you are looking into an Organic SEO strategy or a PPC marketing strategy,  The results can vary.  You might get more traffic faster through PPC, however, Google handles PPC Traffic and Organic SEO traffic differently.

Organic Traffic does take the time to generate and grow.  It doesn’t happen over night.  It takes months up to years to generate traffic organically.  However, when you take the time and the effort to grow your Organic SEO, it will boost your rankings. As you use Organic SEO your ranking will also last longer.

Google Helps

The nice thing about Google, not only are they one of the major search engines. Google also has some great tools to help you manage your website.  The Webmaster Tools will help you learn about how Google crawls your site.  And the Google Analytics that will give you information on your site.  It tells you who is going to your site, and how they are getting there.

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Building Organic SEO
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