Social Media for your Business

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What can Social Media do for your Business is a very good question? When you first start a business you need to come up with an advertising and marketing strategy. Marketing is the ability to get your business out into the public. Whether it’s through word of mouth, or you purchase advertising in the Sunday paper.

Social Media

My Personal Strategy

My personal marketing strategy is to use Social Media. I have started a YouTube Channel as well as multiple websites. I have found good growth with Social Media. Online profiles allow me to share what I’m doing. Not to mention the use of Social Media gives me the opportunity to interact with people that are interested in my business.

I am confident that I wouldn’t have as much growth on my YouTube channel as I’ve had without this online presence. Social Media can be frightening when you think of the amount of platforms out there. My suggestion, and what I have done is taken a few of the popular platforms and focused on those.

Get Your Business to Grow

If you want to get your business to grow, focus on Social Media. You can start with making one post a day.  I will make the post on one platform,  and copy it onto my other platforms I use.

What I Use

The Social Media platforms that I focus on are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and where I can I use YouTube.  They each have their own uses and benefits, but some of them overlap and you can use them for the similarly. As a result, I will reach more people, due to each platform having a different audience.

If you don’t understand a Social Media platform, take the time and get familiar with it, and what it can do for your business.  You will be surprised what will happen.

If you have any questions, or you’re ready to get started on your website feel free to Contact Me.

Social Media for your Business
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