Microsoft vs Apple

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Many people in the computer and technology world know about the friendly feud going on Microsoft Vs. Apple. I wanted to give you a little background on my thoughts of the computer world and the Operating Systems. Personally, I use a Macbook Pro and an iPhone.

Growing up with Windows

I grew up in a Windows household with Windows 95 and 9. They were great Operating Systems, then I moved to Windows XP and I kept XP for many years. I loved Windows XP, the design, and ease of use. But then Microsoft moved on to other Operating systems and came out with Vista. Everything I heard about Vista was The intense amount of resources that it used. My old computer wouldn’t run it.  Then my wife got a new laptop that had Windows Vista on it. However, it just lacked the Windows properties that I came to love. And for some reason that laptop didn’t last long, it just stopped functioning like normal.

It was during this phase of my life that I was going to college. I was aiming at a Digital Media degree with an emphasis on web design. I was trying to figure out what type of computer system I needed to get me through college. Originally thinking about getting a cheap $300.00 laptop that I could wipe windows out and put Linux on. I was working at a Technical company that was running Linux, so I was quite confident with it. I almost made the jump. However, the one thing it would lack would be the option of using photoshop. It was that same time that I took up Digital photography at that point.

Switching to Apple

My friend was going to college with me, and going into the same field he got a Macbook Pro for school. I looked into it and wasn’t sure. I’d always been a windows guy, and they were a bit pricey. I finally over several weeks of research I decided to go with the Macbook Pro. The Macbook Pro running MacOS which is based off a Unix. Consequently, Linux was built off a Unix base as well. It would allow me to continue using Photoshop, I just had to get a new version.

I am so happy that I made the decision with the Macbook Pro. The thing lasted for 6 years and would have had it longer if there wasn’t a liquid accident. I was able to use Photoshop. I was able to build websites, and It got me my first start into the content creator world of YouTube.

Operating System Doesn’t Matter

Many people that I talk to give me grief for using a Mac and an iPhone. However, in the end, it doesn’t matter what they think. I am happy with the product. Yeah, I agree they are overpriced, but it lasted for 6 years. I’ve never had that much luck with a Windows. laptop.

As I’ve said in a previous article, I also run Linux.  There are so many great options in the Linux world and they are becoming easier, and more user-friendly.  Figure out what you need out of a computer, and find one that will match those needs.  Don’t worry about the Microsoft Vs. Apple feud or what anyone else says, in the end, it’s your system.

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Microsoft vs Apple
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